Volume 07 Issue 02
No. 39, October 2023

Abertillery, Blaina, Nantyglo, & Blaenavon
Having spent over ten years cycling throughout South East Wales and photographing the stunning landscapes; I think it's time that I investigate the everyday world that surrounds us and also makes this part of Wales so special and unique... ► Read more

November 13, 2022
Including the Crumlin Arm of the M&B Canal
I've been wanting to document this short route for years because I cycle it often. Finally, on a lovely autumn day I photographed my 14 Locks & Sirhowy Country Park Ride... ► Read more

2023 Ride-O-Meter
October 02, 2022
This was my exploration of what I hope will become the first leg of a future trip across Bannau Brecheiniog... ► Read more
April 10, 2021
Every person, cycling or walking — should visit this poignant reminder to the sacrifices made by the people of the Valleys for coal mining... ► Read more
May 24, 2020
Remember the pandemic? It's hard to believe when we look back. I tried to make the best of it one day by exploring our small village... ► Read more

Routes to Ride
As I further develop routes, I've now expanded my sections specifically by ride level, as well as by location...
► View: Routes to Ride / South East Wales
📔 Editor's Letter - July 2023
Take a few moments to read a brief outline of what's new for this issue and what's been going on with Bike Wales behind the scenes. This is also my place to say thank you for taking time to visit my little blog... ► Read more
It was a big year for my cycling adventures and I shot a lot of photos. Take a look at some of my favourites... ► View Best of 2017
Sexy Bike Alert!
Touring bikes with curved steel forks are starting to get hard to find and then I found this British-made beauty ... ► Check out: Singular Peregrine

You Tube - In July 2022, Greg and Victoria set off from Alaska on their bicycles aiming for the southern tip of Argentina - the entire length of the Americas. Now you can join them on their quest for adventure from the start with the first episode. ► Watch video
You Tube - I would love to participate in this event. I enjoy seeing the comaraderie, between the younger and older folks as they cycle through the italian countryside. It's so simple yet simply glorious. I can watch it over and over again. ► Watch video

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