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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Second Saturday Ride 
August 09, 2014

Wanna join me for a ride? Why not skip town and go some place new... and I'd love to have you come along. I'll be heading up to Abergavenny on Saturday, August 09, 2014. The ride will start and end at the Cwmbran Train Station. Start Time: 09:30 am.

This is a fabulous little route that runs up NCN Route 492 to Brynmawr then across NCN Route 46 through Clydach Gorge and heads back down NCN Route 49 along the Monmouth & Brecon Canal. I thought I'd head into Abergavenny for lunch and then get on the canal path for a leisurely ride back.

The total distance is just under 40 miles, but depending on whether I go into Brynmawr or Abergavenny - it could be shorter or longer. The beginning of the ride is a mild incline along an old railway line where you pass Blynavaon and Big Pit. Once in Brynmawr there are several short connectors on some quite lanes, but it's essentially traffic-free the entire trip and gorgeous. The ride back will be along the tow path that follows the Monmouth & Brecon Canal which is absolutely flat.

If the travel time seems long, it's because on the return trip the canal path winds back and forth like a snake. (I think you travel as much east and west as you do south!). Plus I'm taking into account stopping for some great photos. I'll be heading over the top of Clydach Gorge and then around and down through it... which is simply stunning. Bring your camera!

Send me an email if you wanna come along by clicking; I WANNA RIDE! I'll keep a close watch on the weather and if it looks threatening the day before (Friday, August 8th), I'll probably reschedule.

Select "View Full Route" to see an enlarged version of this route.

ROUTE COLOUR KEY:  Traffic-free  Shared Use  Quiet Road  Steep Hill

Clydach Gorge Loop
Location: Cwmbran to Abergavenny
Distance: 39.6 mi. (round-trip)
Skill Level: Advanced
Approx. Time: 5 - 6 hrs.
Elevation Gain: +2187 ft. / -2187 ft.
Max. Grade: 9.7%
Avg. Grade: 0.1%

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Word About February 2014

It was wet. In fact, February 2014 was the wettest month ever recorded in the entire history of recorded weather in all of the UK. Got that? We had more rain ever recorded in a single month.

photo credit: bbc news

It was horrible. It was cold and windy and it rained and rained and rained. Thousands of homes were flooded and the coasts of Wales, Cornwall, and Devon were battered. Quite simply, it was like nothing ever seen in the UK.

photo credit: Met Office

Read and see more at:
And along with the horrible weather, I caught a cold with a relentless cough that kept me inside for most of the month. So between the two, my cycling was pretty much non-existent during February 2014.

But on a much more positive note... March is looking F A B U L O U S ! ! ! I've been out cycling a few times this month and yesterday was the nicest day we've had this year.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Horrible, Terrible, Inexcusable!

I am without excuse for not posting sooner... and now I've talked it up?!? I've sent people to my website without providing current or more importantly, relevant content... Horrible, terrible, inexcusable.

So... if you are reading this because of my flappy mouth, well... here are a few quick links to direct you to those very things I've yapped on about... URGH!!!

Of course, you should take some time to explore... just poke around... because, well... I want you to!

cheers! ~cm
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