WELCOME! I've been cycling through the Southeast Valleys of Wales since 2010 and I can't say (or show) enough about the place. I just love it. So if you've got the interest and would like to spend some time... sit back and let me show you some of the fabulous places I've discovered.

May 21, 2013

One Morning in May...

by John Wilson

Assembled at Caerleon - Fathers of the Legion just Curtis, Ivor and myself. Decision taken, to hurry would be in poor taste, a quiet day would benefit everyone. So we climbed the hill toward Llanhanock then bearing right we sought the peaceful ways around Glan Usk and it was indeed enjoyable, we absorbed the tranquility, the birdsong, what a morning. Pausing here and there, leisurely cycling with fresh sensations at every dip & rise of the road.

Descending to Newbridge on Usk then via Llantrisant and sleepy Llanlowell to emerge at the bustling little town of Usk. Too hectic here for us, we threaded through the busy streets and headed for Bettws-Newydd. The upland air a tonic indeed, we visited the lovely old church, inspected the ancient yew trees, spiritually refreshed, it was a good climb to Coed-y-Bwnydd.

A glorious hilltop retreat, might oaks and beeches here, blue bells carpeted the whole area, pink companions pushing through here & there. We were in a special place, one of the many locations we will return to again & again.

Reluctant to leave we returned to our steeds, then rolled away, down & down for refreshments at Alice Springs Golf Club, a regular drinking place for us.

What memories we store -
Cheers, John

The above post was hand-written by John and given to me about a week ago. I had been editing the photos for over a week so it seemed perfect to match them together for a post. Many thanks to John for leading us on a beautiful ride. - cmfields