WELCOME! I've been cycling through the Southeast Valleys of Wales since 2010 and I can't say (or show) enough about the place. I just love it. So if you've got the interest and would like to spend some time... sit back and let me show you some of the fabulous places I've discovered.

April 15, 2018

The Lonely Cyclist

It's Saturday, the 14th of April. The temperature is hovering at 7° and it's pouring down rain. It's hard for me to remember warm sunny days at this point. Winter just won't let go of little Wales this year.

A cold Spring in Sirhowy Parc

I wrote last month about the "Never-ending Winter" thinking that by now we'd be back to normal temperatures. Then I rode up to Manmoel a few weeks ago and the temperature was 2°. It's the coldest I've ever seen at Easter. The day was bleak and grey, the wind was howling across the mountains and it felt like the deepest of winter.

Forgotten Spring

I scrambled to write about my second only dry day-trip this year in; "Barry's Island Blast". I then went back and pulled some shocking content from last year to compare. Check out "Daffodils & Disasters" to see what I'm talking about! "The Big Rebuild" offers some insight into the mechanical effects our relentless winter has had on my bike (and it ain't pretty). I've then thrown in a couple of galleries to further highlight the seasonal differences: "Beast from the East" is just a few snapshots from around our house. Whilst "Lower M&B Canal" is a set of photos I shot in June of 2017 along the Monmouth & Brecon Canal between Cwmcarn and Newport.

I hope you enjoy! cheers - cm
Barry's Island Blast

MY RIDES - Weather be damned; I was going for a ride. It was the middle of April and I felt as if I had hardly cycled this year. Join me on a rather somber day across the Vale of Glamorgan as I head down to the beach: "Barry's Island Blast".

Daffodils & Disasters

MY RIDES - As part of my continued effort to post everything from 2017, I've now added a ride which I had written for Ride with GPS last year as part of their new Ride Reports program. Read about one of my favourite local excursions in: "Daffodils & Disasters".

The Big Rebuild

GEAR - I've been cycling through all sorts of conditions: sand, mud, rain, ice, and snow - essentially grinding my components down over the past few months. I knew that I needed to replace the entire drive train. The rain finally slacked off and I was able to get the bike up on the stand for a day. Check out the fun: "The Big Rebuild".

Beast from the East

GALLERY - HAH! My wife is hardly a beast! But when the news stations named the winter storm "Beast from the East", she just wanted to go out and play. Check out some images from around Oakdale during our "blizzard": "Beast from the East".

Lower M&B Canal

GALLERY - I've been busy taking advantage of the time trapped indoors to retreive rides and photos from 2017. Its crazy to look back at all the lovely warm weather we had last year this time... crazy AND frustrating. Check out the sun from April 2017: "Lower M&B Canal".

In the News

Video: Lael Wilcox
Check out this gal. She is rockin' the long-distance cycling world. Her numbers are simply astounding... her acheivements crazy impressive and growing. Check out her website too: Website: Lael's Globe of Adventure
Sustrans' Big Pedal 2018
Each year Sustrans goes to schools throughout the UK to motivate kids to cycle or ride their scooters. It's a fun and competitive program where they track the number of movers and the number of times they move! Read about this super-cool program and get yer kids moving!
Bespoked 2018 Preview
I'm pretty certain that I'll never own a bespoke bicycle, but I sure do like lookin' at'em. has a good sneak-preview of the upcoming show with some highlights of the custom builds. The Hallett Cycles 650b Adventure bike is just dreamy.

Sexy Bike Alert!

Steel Vintage Bikes
Not just one lovely steel frame bicycle... but an entire website of new and vintage steel bikes from which to pine over. This could be the best bike website ever!

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  • Routes: Will I ever get back to my Taff Trail project?
  • Gear: New Old Camera review
  • Cool Stuff: Man Engine

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