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October 08, 2017

Music Videos Playlist

When not on my bike, chances are that you'll find me sitting here in front of this darn computer... along with some tunes crankin'. My post today is just a quickie - I'm going to offer up three artists that have been spinning on my playlist for the past couple of weeks.

The new and the very old - a lovely autumn day riding past Raglan Castle with the Kingfishers.

I'm sure many folks of my generation will agree that music has gotten pretty dull over the last couple of decades. Despite the morass of completely forgettable pop dirges littering the airwaves; I try to find new music. The first group is fairly new with just having released their second album. It's great stuff. The second artist has been around for a few years; however, I completely missed her until last month and she totally rocks. The last artist I've been listening to for a while and just deserve to be shared. I hope you enjoy!

Sounds in my head while my feet go round...

Wolf Alice
Ya gotta love these kids. They have a wonderful attitude and it's great to see someone not overtly interested in "celebrity". Give 'em a listen from this fantastic show show in Paris. The filming and music recording is excellent too.
St. Vincent
This girl rocks. Her songwriting is rich and complex whilst her musicianship is amazing. Every female who would like to play guitar should watch this chick. She's simply incredible. Pour yourself a vodka and put on yer headphones.
Brian Jonestown Massacre
These guys have been around for 20 years. There's tons of video out to watch. Despite having what many people consider an out-dated sound - I really dig 'em. The link I have here is from one of the better recorded shows in 2016.

Latest images burning my retinas...

14 Locks, Newport, & Sirhowy Parc
Oh yeah... I put a few new images up in my Gallery this week. I have loads to process with images going back to 2009 to work on... YIKES! Well, this is a start...

Now the sun has come out on a glorious autumn day so with a song in my head, I'm off to ride Lady Purple down to 14 Locks. As always, thanks for stopping by.
Cheers! - cm

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