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September 30, 2017

Read, Write, Remember

Fall has arrived and along with it - rain. I had planned a long ride for today, but not wanting to fight the weather, I have called it off. I'll save it for another day. Postponing rides always leaves me in a sort of down mood. There's plenty of other things I can do... (things I need to do). So I guess this should be documented as I would a cycling trip... just different type of journey.

Cycling home last week I saw the first fall colour...

It's 7:00 am. I've come downstairs, made a cup of coffee, turned the computer on and here I sit. Melanie is sleeping soundly upstairs and all is quiet on a cold and rainy Saturday morning in this little part of little Wales.

I spent the better part of yesterday reading about other people's adventures on the website "Crazy Guy on a Bike" (CGOAB) and today I am longing to be on the road. So to focus on what I'm thinking and feeling; I will write about what I've been reading.

CGOAB is a very straight-forward website for people to keep an online journal of their cycling adventures... and it's massive. First of all; the number of entries is daunting and secondly, the length of some of the trips are phenomenal. I'm talking "sell your house and everything you own and travel around the world" types of cycling trips. I find it hugely addictive reading and dangerously compelling.

So I'm dedicating this issue of my blog to the many folks out there cycling the world, regardless of the weather - making their life an adventure. Cheers to all the world-traveling cyclists! May your journeys be safe and your adventures rewarding.

Reading About Riding

Life is like a box of chocolates
These folks were my first BIG read on CGOAB and I was instantly hooked. It's quite a unique adventure to take your family on a year-long cycle tour and these brave folks set an amazing example. Their journey is fascinating and wonderful. Though it ended a few years ago, it is well worth the read.
Death, Life & the Rural American Gas Station
I can honestly say that I've read hundreds of journals on CGOAB, but the writing and photography on this one is some of the best. I love their jovial attitudes and their reckless abandon never ceases to be just plain fun! It's laugh out loud reading and the chapter titles are classic. I envy these people deeply.
ABC: Anchorage to Baja California
I have never met Curtis and Jenny Shaw in person, but I was instantly drawn into their journey. Often people set out with very strong "goals" for their cycling trips, but C&J seem so laid back... I guess I kinda got a little crush on them straight from the start. I've been reading about their adventures for over a year now (and I love the photography).
America ByCycle
Ya gotta check out these cool kids. They had some great marketing ideas and a super strong brand for cycle touring. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to them or what they're doing now, but back in the day when they made their website - they were on it!. Be sure to watch the videos.
Racpat RTW
As is the case, reading about one cycle tour leads to another. Curtis and Jenny met Patrick and Rachel while on the road in Central America and included a link to their journal. Hang on to your hats folks... this one is a doozy! Yep, they're two and a half years into a trip around the world.

In Closing:
I know I've given you plenty to look through. I hope you find some journals of interest. And as a final footnote; here's a bonus link for Curtis & Jenny's second leg to their massive tour: DEF: Down Even Further-Mexico & Central America. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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