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Sunday, 13 March 2016

55 FOR 55 EVENT 
Day 9 - Met Office Hell Report

Very windy, with gales or severe gales in the south during the morning, with outbreaks of rain and possibly some wet snow over the hills. Becoming drier and brighter from the west during the afternoon, with winds gradually easing. Maximum Temperature 8 °C.

Oh gosh. Today looks worse than yesterday. Urgh. I'm telling myself; "The first six miles should be okay... just get to Llanhilleth, then brace yourself for the next two. They will be hard and miserable. You will be exposed and climbing the steepest part of the ride. You will hate it. But, the next 12 miles should be better and when you get to Usk you can reward yourself with a latte. Just do it... you know you can."

I might try the double-rain coat method today? Longjohns under my lycra trousers? I'll definitely use my super-heavy winter gloves?

Later Wednesday... It was really tough. I made it to Usk about 30 minutes later than usual and flopped in the cafe completely shattered. After a too-fast coffee, I got back on the road to Caerleon and Newport. The rain diminished to just a steady drizzle, but the headwinds fought me the entire way. Hard work. Wet to the core.

I stopped under the A48 and shoved in a couple of sandwiches. But had to hurry to meet the folks from the Abercynon Cycle Club at Fanny's Rest Stop Cafe.

Lookin' Good Gang! Thanks for coming out, you crazy kids!

Lovely to see Jean, Kurt, and Sian at the Rest Stop Cafe. Another quick coffee and catch-up then we were off. We followed NCN Route 4 from Newport across Docks Way, around to Tredegar House, and then up through Bassaleg. We then slogged up the NCN 47 Connector to the Monmouth & Brecon Canal hoping we'd have some shelter from the wind. (As Kurt suggested...) But NO! the wind seemed to just funnel down the canal!

At least it was flat and quiet as we made it through Waunfawr and Sirhowy Parcs. We stopped for a quick photo and then went our separate ways. Bless those three for coming out in such miserable conditions. It was really great having them along because it does take your mind off the lousy weather and it was great to see them. Thanks folks!

One more victim of the weather...

I made it home... finally. Another day under my belt. Another night of well-earned sleep... which I'm off to enjoy now. Tomorrow will be another milestone - Day 10 and 550 miles! Check back and see if I make it. HA! Cheers ~ cm

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