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Saturday, 12 March 2016

55 FOR 55 EVENT 
Day 8 - I don't remember? Wait...

It's 6:30 Saturday morning of Day 12. I should be writing about Day 11, but I'm terribly behind and I'm stuck trying to remember Day 8. What happened last Tuesday? Where is my mind? How am I going to do this?

Okay. Coffee. Relax. Take a few moments to gather your thoughts... find the photos and work from there. You can do this.

Looking pretty grim in the back garden... raining and wind too.

It was a rainy and bitterly cold day. The temperature was just above freezing and I was soaked by the time I got to Newbridge. The remainder of the ride to Usk was just horrible. Horrible.

Not a good sign... just 1 mile from the house...

The traffic along the dual-carriageway from Pontypool to Little Mill was unusually busy with lots of large lorries flying past and spraying more water in my face. Nice. Then I turned into a direct head-wind along the A472 from Little Mill to Usk. It was just a brutal, brutal morning.

But then, when I arrived at Usk... look who was there to greet me: John and Ivor! Woohoo! Then I crawled into the Green Flute and devoured a bacon and egg sandwich and two coups of coffee.

The rain paused to get this shot of John and Ivor at Gypsies Tump...

Ivor split off from us in Caerleon. John rode with me to Newport and we had lunch in Fanny's Rest Stop. That was great. Then we hit the road again. The wind was harsh. the rain relentless. I made it home. I took a shower. I ate dinner. I went to bed.

Okay... it's now 7:15 pm on Saturday. That's all I got folks. I've finished the ride for Day 12 and I'm beat. I need to eat and get to bed. Tomorrow morning I'll try to get the Day 9 entry posted. Crazy. This is just hard and crazy.

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