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March 20, 2016

55 FOR 55 EVENT - DAY 15 
Something to Remember...

TUESDAY, 15 MARCH - Something happened to today, but I can't quite recall? I rode my bike. Check. The weather was fine. Check. The Kingfishers came out to join me. Check.

THAT'S IT! The Kingfishers... duh! And in my haste I accidentally included their photos in a previous post earlier this week. Let me straighten that out now.

A father and daughter came by as I was getting the fellas to pose, who very kindly offered to take a snap of us all. (Annd that's how I got into the picture.) Cheers! to strangers on the road. Also missing are Ivor and Eric. It's tough to get all of us out at the same time these days.

The sky was mostly blue with a bit of haze. The temperature wasn't too cold, but enough to wear your winter gloves. As you can see from the photos, we took our time riding. Lovely day.

So if you're keeping up with my daily posts, you might recall that on Day 12, titled; "It's all becoming a blur..." I posted these four photos. AND oddly enough it does emphasize the title(s).

Two things to remember; 1.) Get a photo of all the Kingfishers together. 2.) Check the dates on the photos BEFORE I post them!

I'm also going to sort out the day and date issue. It's confusing for me because I'm working on several posts at one time and having just the ride number isn't enough. So now you'll see that I'm going to include the day, date, and ride number (as shown above...). I hope this will better organize my recollections and present a clearer picture for you... dear reader.

Thanks again for stopping by. Your support means everything.

Cheers! - cm

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