WELCOME! I've been cycling through the Southeast Valleys of Wales since 2010 and I can't say (or show) enough about the place. I just love it. So if you've got the interest and would like to spend some time... sit back and let me show you some of the fabulous places I've discovered.

Friday, 4 March 2016

55 FOR 55 EVENT 
Day 03 - A Pleasure...

I woke up today not feeling so great. Yesterday really knocked me out. I didn't sleep very well and my legs were sore. I was just plain pooped.

First thing I had to do was get my bike up on the workstand. She was filthy from two days in the wet. Plus snow and sleet kicks up so much crap from the road... I could hardly see the brake calipers! And the rims... yikes! They were scary. So... I started my day in the back garden with a bucket of soapy water and an old rag cleaning my beloved steed at 6:30 in the morning. Fun.

On the road to Usk

But... (and this is a huge clause)... it wasn't raining! WooHoo! The forecast was to be cloudy and overcast all day. I was thrilled. I just couldn't get my head around riding another day in the rain. So that bit of good news put a little kick to my step.

Along the river front in Newport

So it turned out to be a really good day. My ride was straight-forward without the wind to fight as I had on Wednesday. I took time to stop and take photos. It felt good to relax... as I said my legs were a little sore and I want to pace myself because I gotta lotta ridin' ahead of me!

Celtic Manor Golf Course

And I understand that I'm going to have many days like today where nothing exciting happens. It makes for a rather dry blog. My apologies.

And then I come home to find this in the news...Weather Alert. Jeez.

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