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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

First of the Year Inventory

I've had enough with my spreadsheets. Urgh! I'm now going to simplify the data into smaller, more digestible chunks which hopefully will make the content a bit easier to grasp as well as present it in a more user-friendly format.

Beginning with my most basic info, I've created the bar chart below. And it's interactive! Mouse-over the bars to display the specific numbers relative to the month. (You can see the same info in a typical boring table on the right side panel.)

Okay... that's cool. Let's move onto my next data set. Again, this is very simple - but simple gets the message across. Over the course of the year, I divided my cycling into three distinct types. If you mouse-over a section of the pie chart you should see the specific number of rides for that type.

2015 Total Rides = 168

Now that I've got these three distinctions, I can start drilling down into each of those data sets. I'm going to begin with the largest section; "Going the Distance" because this is my primary cycling habit and the most simple to break down.

Going the Distance
This part of my overall riding is just the solo stuff. Me and my bike out for the day. It was an exceptional year because I pushed myself to make more long rides. So here we have the subsets of my solo rides divided into three sub-categories of distance. (It's interactive too btw...)

Total "Going the Distance" Rides = 75

Looking at this is great, BUT... and this is important; I haven't included ALL of my long distance rides... I rode many more metric centuries with the Kingfishers. So that will be my next dataset to work with.

The Kingfishers
Typically I ride with these fellas every Tuesday. It's a very casual affair where the main goal is to just enjoy the countryside on a bicycle. The rides average between 50 to 100 miles depending on the time of year, the weather, or how we feel. It's all very laid back with no other agenda than to cycle all day long. We're in no hurry and we never worry about our speed. It's awesome.
Total "Kingfishers" Rides = 32

Okay! That looks more like what I remember. Now I need to combine this data with the Going the Distance subset for what will be essentially everything EXCEPT the rides I made for Sustrans.

"Going the Distance" and "The Kingfishers" Combined
Now I've combined the mileages based upon the three previous criteria; Less than metric century, Metric century or more, and More than 100 miles.

Total Combined Rides = 107

What I find interesting is that this shows how the longer distance rides, though fewer in number... made a significant contribution in my overall total mileage.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm still laid up in bed sick, so I'm taking advantage of the down time to play with Google Sheets. I hope you've gotten something from all this nonsense?!?! Next I'll be working on the Sustrans datasets so check back soon.

Cheers! ~ muse

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