WELCOME! I've been cycling through the Southeast Valleys of Wales since 2010 and I can't say (or show) enough about the place. I just love it. So if you've got the interest and would like to spend some time... sit back and let me show you some of the fabulous places I've discovered.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Good for the head...

Everybody knows that sometimes ya just gotta get away from everything, away from all the day to day thinkin', away from work, away from worry, away from the crazy people that drive ya plumb crazy, away from friends, away from family... away from your lover that ya just can't get enough of... and there ain't no explainin' why and there ain't no reason to blame; ya just got to get away and just think about nothin'.

and sometimes, just maybe...

... you see the world in an entirely new light.

and it's days like this that me say... "I am a very lucky boy indeed."


  1. Once an escape artist, always an escape artist.

  2. Ha ha. It wasn't me who said that. I think it's awesome... still the same pensive muse.

  3. Looks like a great ride!



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