WELCOME! I've been cycling through the Southeast Valleys of Wales since 2010 and I can't say (or show) enough about the place. I just love it. So if you've got the interest and would like to spend some time... sit back and let me show you some of the fabulous places I've discovered.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shopping for furniture...

Hey folks... if yer wondering where I've been for the past week, well; I'VE BEEN RIDING ME BICYCLE! Yes, the weather has in fact finally turned nice... summer-like even. And I've taken the selfish opportunity to get me skinny arse out on the road. Now I haven't completely neglected bike wales; for if ya look closely, ya can see some minor adjustments happening from the back end (see: "Tables & Charts" or "Image Gallery").

I'm completely enthralled with how I can embed google docs and spreadsheets into the blog... AND I've got a calendar under development too. So stay tuned. It's all pretty geeky stuff, but if ya know me, ya know that I dig this like mad.(Soon to come are links from my mileage charts to the actual route maps!... very cool!)

If ya want more info on How I'm pulling all of this together you can spend more time reading about it in the "About" section, surprisingly enough. 'Til next time... cheers, cm

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