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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Danger Ranger...

Could this be another beautiful day relaxing in the garden?

That's right! 
But what is the purpose of all this literature...?

It means one thing...
I am now an official Volunteer Ranger with Sustrans!

I rode down to Cardiff yesterday and met with the folks of Sustrans. Starting on April 5th, I will be working in the staff office on Thursday afternoons to assist in a variety of volunteer communiques. I also will be given a route to monitor;

"There are several key tasks for rangers, most to be carried out monthly, others less frequently. These include checking the signing on the Network, reporting missing signs and sometimes putting up temporary ones, plus checking the whole of your route in the spring. You will also keep an eye on the vegetation and cut back overhanging branches and brambles, monitor and report potholes and other hazards and help look after sculptures and mileposts."

You can read more about volunteering with Sustrans here.

Along with the exciting news of becoming a ranger, I rode over 50 miles yesterday. I got on the Taff Trail (NCN 8) at Quaker's Yard and followed that all the way to Cardiff Bay (29 miles). I was surprised to find that the ride only took about 2 1/2 hours. So I had lunch in Bute Park and then pedaled around town until my meeting (10 miles). It was another beautiful spring day with the temperature well into the 20's. The roads were surprisingly empty in town so I had no difficulty wandering around Cardiff Castle, Millennium Centre, Mermaid Quay, and more.

Look how festive those boys look kicking just about a ball beside that 2,000 year-old stone circle and is that a 600 year old castle in the background? Jeez...

A view from the other side...

After the meeting, I rode the train back as far as Crosskeys where I then hopped on NCN 47 in Sirhowy Country Park and rode home (11 miles). Cheers, cm

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