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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Volunteering - 2015

Just to review my previous post, I indicated that my rides for 2015 were divided into three primary types. Today I'm going to drill down into the third dataset by reporting on the details of my volunteering efforts for Sustrans.

Pulling the numbers together...
As you can see above, 36% of my rides during 2015 were in fact made for Sustrans. Let's take a quick look at the basic numbers:
  • Total Number of Events = 12
  • Total Number of Days Worked = 39
  • Total Number of Hours Worked = 104 hours (and) 30 mins.
In order to have these basic numbers, I kept a series of detailed spreadsheets (of course!). So to start with; here's a summary of 2015 Sustrans Events dataset.

If you look closely at the above totals, you can see a couple of additional amounts:
  • Total Number of Hours Cycled = 213 hours (and) 47 mins.
  • Total Number of Miles Cycled = 1,639.2

Breaking out the details...
Next I've taken the information from the Sustrans Events Summary table and created two interactive charts to better display the details for each event. Mouseover a horizontal bar to view the specific details.

and of course there's more!
Each Sustrans event was logged into it's own specific sheet within Googlesheets. This allowed me to produce the datasets shown above. So if you want to see the details along with the full dataset, I got ya covered. Click below to visit:

And one more table that needs be somewhere... I ventured out with Tony Moon on numerous rides under the premise of further developing the Rhymney Trail. I also worked with Dean Piper to hold a Halloween/Alexander Cordell Heritage Event... so here are the details of those rides:

I hope this answers all those lingering and pesky questions which have been keeping you awake at night! HA! Now it's time to work on some photos. I've had enough of spreadsheets and charts! Thanks for stopping by...

Cheers! ~ muse

Note: I am an unpaid volunteer for Sustrans. When using the word "work" within this website (blog), in no way do I mean to imply that I have been paid for my services.
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