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I hope to offer you dear reader, cheerful reflections upon the days and miles I pedal, along with encouragement to get out and explore by bicycle yourself! Perhaps too, if I attempt a bit of amusing anecdotes along the way, I may invoke your readership as well. Thanks for stopping by... cheers, muse

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Strangeness in a strange land...

Although still cloudy and cold, I rode the Taff Trail (NCN 8) to Cardiff on Thursday for my first day in the office at Sustrans. The ride into town is a very easy 28 miles door-to-door and aside from the four miles down the mountain from Oakdale at the start, it is almost entirely on cycle paths. There are several tricky areas around the university at Pontypridd and the adjoining car park, but it's a great morning commute one could easily manage a couple of times a week. As far as coming back to Oakdale after 5 pm, we'll see about that later this summer when the days are a bit longer.

That is if we ever get a summer. We were teased with a week of fabulous warm spring weather at the end of March only to be hit with this nonsense the first week of April (see image right). Yeah... look at it. It's friggin' SNOW!... IN APRIL!, which I can say I had never seen at this time of year. And I'm not happy. Easter has certainly proven to be quite different in Wales.

So it's Sunday and the Met Office is calling for heavy rain (again) for the remainder of the week. I kinda doubt it will be that extreme (since they are like most forecasters... wrong!). But we shall see. I want to get at least a 50 mile ride in before Thursday when I will again be riding into Cardiff. My goal is to get at least three rides in this week.

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