Welcome friends. This humble blog is about the simple observations I discover whilst cycling through lovely Wales.
I hope to offer you dear reader, cheerful reflections upon the days and miles I pedal, along with encouragement to get out and explore by bicycle yourself! Perhaps too, if I attempt a bit of amusing anecdotes along the way, I may invoke your readership as well. Thanks for stopping by... cheers, muse

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The conundrum...

What can I do to make this blog different from the thousands of other cycling blogs? I don't want this to be just another "diary of my life on tour" or a quasi-bike/gear-head diatribe... and I'm not cool or hip enough to go any where near the new hip and cool bike crowd.  What about me is unique? What is it that I'm doing that will bring you, dear reader, back to this blog? Below is a map of the route I rode yesterday... big deal? 45.55 miles... so what?

Should I include photos to perk your interest? Would visual details add more flavour to the post? Do I describe the "three seasons in a day" I had? (It was first overcast and warm when I left home... then sunny and cold with a strong headwind as I came across the Heads of the Valley, and then cloudy and very cold as I came down from the Brecons... which even included some brief hail...) I just dunno?

Well, I'm off for another ride today where I'm sure to contemplate these pressing issues over and over in my limited mind. And with that note... I'll get back to ya later. Cheers, cm

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